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New and refurbished parts

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What can you do with old injectors?

Exchange, Test, Remanufacture


Exchange for new or remanufactured injectors

Send your old car parts to get a deposit refund.
The deposit will be included in price if you choose the option “Including Deposit”. On each product page you will find more information about the deposit system.


Check state of your injectors

Please send your injector, with your contact details (name, phone), to our address. After the test you will be contacted by us to discuss further procedures. You will have options to pay for your injector overhaul (if possible), or to buy an injector from us, and save by exchanging your old injector for deposit in return. We will discuss prices with you via telephone or email. We offer a pre, and post-repair test reports (if necessary).

If your part is reusable and you have decided to repair it, you will not be charged for the test.


Remanufacture injectors to original state

Send the defective injector to us, with your address and phone number. and we repair your part as soon as possible. You will get a working injector back. On each repaired injector, you will receive a warranty for one year.


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