Delphi Common Rail

System with direct acting injector

In 2008, Delphi will bring a breakthrough diesel injection technology concept into the years that will revolutionize the competition for years: Direct Acting Piezo technology for diesel engines. The 2000 Bar Delphi Direct Acting Common Rail System uses a piezoceramic actuator to move the nozzle needle directly instead of being moved by an electro-hydraulic circuit. The extremely fast opening and closing of the needle independently of the injection pressure results in improved emissions and lower fuel consumption, while at the same time the power density and the motor torque are redefined. The maximum controllability of small pilot injections with exceptional multi-injection stability over the entire service life guarantees a first-class injection performance.

Certified Delphi Diesel Service

Delphi Service Centre Zukancic

Our diesel Service repairs Delphi components, and is a certified Delphi Service Centre - Diesel service.
What do we offer?
  • Inexpensive and timely repair
  • Original Delphi spare parts in OEM quality
  • Highly qualified diesel experts and the latest testing technology
  • Repairing inspection plans approved by original manufacturers with special equipment and software
  • Fast delivery of the replacement parts with the highest quality
  • A 100% satisfied customer

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